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  • graphene_grafen_funktionel_functional_supplier_composites_pla

    GRAPLA Thermal 3.0

    Our first ever plastic graphene product is here. Using a base PLA material we have been able to create a new composite with our graphene which shows improved properties especially in thermal conductivity.

  • graphene_grafen_funktionel_functional_supplier

    Graphene Cryogel

    Graphene Cryogel is an easy-to-handle product suitable for research as well as industry. A well-documented product that can be used in various applications ready for you to bring your materials to the next level.

  • functional_graphene_funktionel_grafen_production_danish_graphene

    Functionalised Graphene

    Graphene modified to be ideal for your materials. Specific modifications of graphene can increase performance of some products to a high degree at low loadings.

Applications of graphene

If you want to hear more or you are interested in trying out our graphene for your application feel free to browse the webshop or get in touch with us directly!
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