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Danish Graphene is a company producing graphene materials for industrial composites and academic research.

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Danish Graphene

Danish Graphene produces graphene materials for industrial composites. Danish Graphene is built on scientific research from Aarhus University. Danish Graphene is a production company and supplier of graphene for industrial applications. Our graphene is compatible with composite materials which means there is a much stronger interaction between the graphene and the surrounding matrix. This stronger interaction results in better transfer of the graphene properties into new and improved composites.

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Danish Graphene

Danish Graphene can simultaneously exfoliate and functionalise graphene
which gives you great versatility and a variety of options for your products.

Versatile Customisation

Unique production of customizable solutions with efficient manufacturing process.

Green Chemistry

We are always working on improving our processes and making the best products in the cleanest ways.

High Quality Product

A high quality product that is easy to implement in your products.

Applications of graphene in composites

If you want to hear more or you are interested in trying out our graphene for your application feel free to browse the webshop or get in touch with us directly!
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