Danish Graphene offers Green graphene oxide on alinor

Danish Graphene offers Green graphene oxide on alinor Danish Graphene ApS offers Green Graphene Oxide on the Alinor website. Green Graphene Oxide can be used in the same applications are you’re currently using Graphene Oxide. Green Graphene Oxide from Danish Graphene is produced with our sustainable production method. To read more about the product and access the technical datasheet on …

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Scientific Publication With Danish Graphene

Scientific Publication With Danish Graphene For the past year, Danish Graphene ApS assisted PhD Hamed Abdolmaleki and Assoc. Prof. Shweta Agarwala in their work on piezoelectric polymers using graphene additives. The work is now out in Advanced Science and reports the use of functionalized graphene oxide to significantly improve the electrical properties of PVDF-TrFE. A …

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New Industrial PhD!

New Industrial PhD! We are proud to announce that Danish Graphene has launched a battery research collaboration with Aarhus University, Professor Kim Daasbjerg, Professor Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk, and our new industrial PhD student Marie Uth.  Marie will apply graphene, made with Danish Graphene’s green production methods, in lithium-ion batteries to improve stability and increase life-time.  …

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Second New Intern 2022!

Second New Intern 2022! This week, we are introducing our second intern of this semester, Magnus Andreasen who studies biotechnology at Aarhus Universitet. Magnus will be working with our process while learning about the many ways to utilize graphene in an industrial setting.

First New Intern 2022!

First New Intern 2022! We have new interns! Another semester has started which means new interns with an interest in graphene and graphene applications. First up, we are introducing Abdul R Estalefi who is studying biotech engineering. Abdul will be working with us to optimize our process this semester while learning about the many ways …

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Dan Jørgensen & Jacob Bundsgaard Meet Danish Graphene

Dan Jørgensen & Jacob Bundsgaard Meet Danish Graphene In June our CEO Andreas Brunsgaard Laursen had the pleasure of presenting Danish Graphene ApS for the Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen and Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard. A great opportunity to share our work with politicians and highlight the need for innovation and the right support to …

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1 Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary We are celebrating that it is one year since Danish Graphene came into existence! What an amazing first year we have had. In spite of starting a high-tech company in the middle of a global pandemic we have had plenty of projects running with amazing industrial partners. Danish Graphene has grown from …

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Custom-Made Graphene

Custom-Made Graphene In collaboration with businesses, chemists at Aarhus University have developed a method by which they can produce and, at the same time, customise graphene to interact smoothly with the material with which it is to be mixed. When the atomically thin wonder material graphene was discovered in 2004, two challenges subsequently emerged: How …

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Collaboration with controlled Polymers

Collaboration With Controlled Polymers Incorporating graphene with thermoplastics is a challenging task, which is why we are excited to be collaborating with Controlled Polymers A/S, An Americhem Company who are experts in thermoplastic compounding. Their knowledge on thermoplastics combined with our knowledge on graphene will fast-track the development of new and improved thermoplastic materials with …

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New website

New Website Take a look around our brand-new website where you can read more about Danish Graphene and find our products (webshop coming soon). Read about graphene and what to look for when shopping for materials for your applications. Get inspired by our story and interesting new production and do not hesitate to contact us …

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