Versatile Graphene Products

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Over the last decade there has been a huge interest in graphene and graphene composites in academia and industry due to the superior material properties of these 2D-carbon sheets. However, the industry is often challenged when graphene is introduced to products because of poor dispersion or low solubility.

At Danish Graphene we therefore aim to make graphene available for everyone by supplying a product that is easily introduced to a large variety of materials. Our graphene products come either as a cryogel (left) that are easily dispersed in a range of solvents or as pre-dispersed material available in various solvents(middle) ready for mixing. As something new we offer highly dispersed graphene in polymer materials (right). These graphene/polymer matrixes can be added directly to an extruder or other compound mixers to introduce high quality graphene to your products.

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