Houston day 3

On the third day of our Houston tour, we had the privilege of visiting Voyager Space and Nanoracks, where we engaged in an insightful dialogue. We extend our sincere gratitude to Scott Rodriguez, Steven Stenzel, and Joseph Kissling for a productive meeting and for inviting us to your Happy Hour event. It was a valuable opportunity to network and continue the conversations with Tim Tierney, Sam Gunderson, Montgomery Goforth, and others within the industry, and we deeply appreciate it.

Our meeting with Ricky Villarreal, JD, Patrick Knowles, and Pearly Pandya from Axiom Space was exceptionally positive. Their expertise and vision were invaluable in shaping our discussion on how our graphene technology could be integrated into their innovative space systems. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Gittleman from Aegis Aerospace Inc.. Our discussion was positive, centered around potential collaboration opportunities and the application of graphene in the space industry as well as new opportunities in the Houston area.