Co-create with Danish Graphene to validate graphene in your products!


Specifications and project scope.


Product development and validation.

License Agreement

Supply contract negotiations.

Implementation and Supply

With just a few simple steps you can be on your way to explore brand new opportunities with graphene in your products.
Firstly, set up a meeting with our technical staff today and we will use our expertise to offer you a validation of the performance of graphene in your product. We will tailor-make graphene specifically for your application to improve performance and ensure compatibility.
From the results delivered to you, it will be possible to assess the best way to proceed to launch a brand new product.
We are with you the entire way from product development to product launch!

+45 41 33 31 18

Danish Graphene Offers

Targeted Graphene Design

Material Testing

Product Development

Detailed Chemical Analysis

Technoeconomical Validation

Supply Chain Evaluation

Industries already being validated by Danish Graphene



Heat Transfer Fluids


Applications of graphene

If you want to hear more or you are interested in trying out our graphene for your application feel free to browse the webshop or get in touch with us directly!
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